| I need to declutter my wardrobe…
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I need to declutter my wardrobe…


18 Jun I need to declutter my wardrobe…

But the hoarder in me is struggling. Am i the only one that has this problem? I associate alot of memories with each pieces of my clothing.

“That shirt that i wore to my cousin’s wedding”

“That bag that i carried throughout my first job”

“That  t-shirt that i wore in Tokyo on the first day”

I’m sure you get the gist by now. Any excuses i could probably think of – to keep/hoard the piece. I think i will take baby steps and pay a visit to the local H&M stores with a bag or two first.  Apparently for each bag of clothes you donate, you get a 20% voucher for an item in their store. Pretty nifty eh? And a solid reason to start decluttering.