| Wedding DIY Decor: Flower Tissue/ Pom poms
DIY Decor for Flower tissue or Pom poms
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Wedding DIY Decor: Tissue Flower/ Pom poms

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28 Jun Wedding DIY Decor: Tissue Flower/ Pom poms

I have a knack for making promises before my brain could register. Helping out my cousin with her wedding decor was one. Haha. I didn’t know it was such a feat to do these damn pom poms! You would have never have guess by looking at them. When my cousin told me – the hotel she was working with wasn’t providing ANY back drop for the photo wall. I suggested that she could do an all white flower tissue/pom poms wall which i have seen on proudduck’s blog entry before. Pretty right?

Easy it was not! Granted you could actually purchase them (I seen them in Daiso) but that would be costly and not the giant brimming size we wanted for the full effect. I actually started a week ahead and it wasn’t enough. On the day itself , i arrived at 1pm to start fluffing out the poms poms (sounds so wrong) and found that the hotel did come through in providing the backdrops, drapes, and the initial letterings. So all i had to do was to stick up the poms poms. But it was a curtain…they wouldn’t exactly hold. Not all anyways! And because the backdrop came so huge….I Panic abit.. a little.. A HECK OF ALOT actually. And was forced to improvise and do it up as a border instead. It was still very much pretty and photogenic!  At the end of the day, it was all good fun and i loved that i had a hand in helping out, my cousin on her special day.

I used this link as a tutorial but you could also check this out. Or better yet, a youtube video on it. Yes, they are all made of tissue paper! Tip: If  you are too lazy or lack of time to make these, you can always try your luck with Balloon Buzz or Daiso, they do carry the ready-made ones. In various colours and sizes too!


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