| 3 little pigs & the big bad wolf @ tropicana city mall
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3 little pigs & the big bad wolf @ tropicana city mall

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01 Jul 3 little pigs & the big bad wolf @ tropicana city mall

If i had to choose between Ben’s, Plan B or the likes, i would say give me “3 Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf” any day. Most have mistaken this restaurant as part of the BIG Group but they are not. Ever since they opened at Bangsar Village in the late 2012, i really didn’t expect them to turn into a chain. But i guess their consistent good service and food paved way for this second branch at Tropicana Mall. The interior and the vibe is almost identical except they are just missing the “glass house” & natural sun light they have in Bangsar Village.

It was almost a full house for a week night when YC & Abby took me there for a birthday celebration. My two favourite gal pals who made my college memories more sweet than bitter! We only had a year of classes together before we branched into our majors and have since stuck together. (Insert tons of smiley face here) That night…I decided to be adventurous and try something else on the menu, The Big Bad Burger (RM28++)! And while it wasn’t too bad -i can’t say it was my favourite. I still find their pasta - The Wolf’s Favourite (RM29++) triumphs ALL which comes in a creamy pasta with poached egg, mushrooms and bacon. So, if you are going there for the first time, you should play it safe and order the bestsellers like this pasta.

But OHMYGOD, this Porky Fries which is really Spam on sticks – is so ingenious and down right yummy. We had to refrain ourselves from ordering another one. SRSLY.

3littlepigs&bigbadwolf Facebook, Non Halal – Tropicana Mall & Bangsar Village 1.

Tel: 03 7722 3561/03 2283 2270. Business Hours: 9am – 11pm, 6pm to 10:30pm. Daily


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