| Travelogue: Guilin, China II (Longji Rice Terraces)
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Travelogue: Guilin, China II (Longji Rice Terraces)

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14 Jul Travelogue: Guilin, China II (Longji Rice Terraces)

Part 1 of Guilin over here. Aside from the itinerary that the tour provided – we figured we could do with more sightseeing and we opted to hike up Longji Rice Terraces. The view was magnificent, but be prepared for like an hour+ hike, BUT if you are feeling lazy or rich or both, haha you can opt for them macho uncles to ferry you up on their carriage. On the way up, we stopped for lunch in this rather precarious looking restaurant on the hill that served some awesome bamboo chicken and rice. It was great fuel to keep us going for another half an hour or so.

During the climb, many of the minority people will be hawking their goods, very beautifully made goods and they are not the pesky type. In fact, they would even pose for a photo if you ask politely. I truly admire their tenacity and their optimism in life. You won’t be able to miss them, they will be decked out in elaborate colourful clothing from head to toe and selling an assortment of weaving and embroidery work.

Uber glad we made this trip out, it made for a good photography + exercise session. It’s beyond picturesque and i loved the cool climate.