| What You Could Get Your Girlfriend That She Won’t Hate
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What You Could Get Your Girlfriend That She Won’t Hate

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02 Apr What You Could Get Your Girlfriend That She Won’t Hate

I’m all for non cliche but useful & thoughtful gifts. So here are some suggestions after my trials and error gifting throughout the years!


1. Over sized clutch

A clutch, this snake skin texture clutch – that i got from Bangkok was such a steal. At RM35 per piece, i was kicking myself for not getting more pieces for birthday gifting. The material was lovely to touch and seemingly sturdy. Anyways, the seller did claim it as handmade.

Got Andrea, a salmon-ish coloured one that she adore! She quipped that her current clutches are too small, and that this oversize size would be awesome for her clutches collection variety!

salmon-clutch-andrea-snakeskin salmon-clutch-andrea-snakeskin2


2. Toiletries.


Can’t really go wrong with this one unless your girlfriend is a brand snob or highly specific of the scent of what she uses. When i was in Bangkok or whenever i’m in Bangkok, i tend to go abit crazy in their Boots. Just because, they have so many range of products and we don’t have it here in Malaysia. Boots is their equivalent of Watsons or Guardians.

If you are not too sure what to get her, just skimp through her collection and get a taste of what she likes. Maybe she would like fruity shower gels or maybe she can’t leave the house without her mascara. Introducing her a new brand that she can try out – its a good thing! While skin care can be a bit testy, you can always go for the staples like moisturiser. At the end of the day, don’t overstress yourself. They will use it :P

Don’t judge me for my haul from Boots. It was urmm….. 30% gifts? HEH.




3. Hipster Stationaries

I think the KL crowd has always knew how to appreciate art but it’s getting more apparent with people appreciating letterpress work and even attending workshops for it. Found these well designed cards at POP at JayaOne. I think it will be a great detail to add to your gift.





4. Trendy Jewelleries

Why did i specifically say trendy jewelleries? Because its one of those items they usually wanna get but think twice. BYJAP has some really awesome pieces that i find worth buying.


byjap-necklaces-jaya-pop earrings-jaya-pop necklaces-jaya-pop



5. Online Shopping Vouchers.

You got Zalora! What more can i say :)