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Breathtaking Bouquet of Flowers : A Better Florist Malaysia


25 Sep Breathtaking Bouquet of Flowers : A Better Florist Malaysia


I cannot help but spot great design in all spheres of live. It’s just who I am. And having said that, today I have to talk about a florist in Malaysia whose designs I really love. We all know that flowers are truly special as gifts, and they serve a multitude of purposes, however, there’s a difference between an ordinary bouquet and a bouquet designed by experts who are passionate and know what they are doing. A Better Florist is a florist who invests just as much time in having fresh flowers as much as they do in creating and designing arrangements that are breathtaking and, honestly, just different.


What I appreciate about this florist, is that they do things differently. They stepped away from the typical designs and opted for a more curated, smaller collection, which doesn’t lack in creativity. Their standards are simply set higher when it comes to design itself and it’s pretty obvious. Just check out their website, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t have to be an expert to see that their flowers are different.


I also liked their gift shop, which contains fruit baskets and some of the best hampers I’ve seen in Malaysia. From the baby hampers to other kinds of hampers, every single details is thought about and nothing is clumped together without making any sense. A Better Florist is very detail-oriented and it truly shows. I love that!



You can find this florist as a florist in Singapore as well, but as a Hong Kong flower delivery, that sells equally impressive HK flowers, and an UAE florist whose UAE flowers are to die for. In Malaysia however, you can either jump online and shop like everyone shops in the 21st century, or you can visit one of their flower shops. They have an Ipoh flower shop, a Penang flower delivery, a JB flower delivery and a Kuala Lumpur florist!


They manage to excel by having an amazing flower delivery, that delivers to any location in Malaysia, and for free. I’ve never before had a chance to have flowers delivered on the same day and for it to be complimentary. A Better Florist took that extra step and gave their customers even more reason to shop from them.

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Is A Better Florist the best florist in Malaysia? In my personal opinion, they are in the top 10 when it comes to florists, therefore, they definitely might as well be the best florist here.