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22 Mar My Instagram Top Picks

Every now and then, i will curate my favourite pictures from my instagram and compile them here. Makes for a good and fun process as pick my favourite highlights for this year. Ranging from Empire City party where i got to say hi to Paris...

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25 Jul Much To Say

Am a little behind with updating this space. Gave myself 5 secs to kick myself over it and dived back into the groove of compiling & editing pictures and streamlining my thoughts. I was away last week for 4 days to KRABI!!!! It was a spur...

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12 Jul Travelogue: Guilin, China I

Initially, we were skeptical about this trip because of the ridiculously cheap groupon deal we engaged for the tour and accommodation. And i never been to China. We only paid RM335 for a 5D4N English guided tour with hotel accommodation for 2pax. Was so anxious about it being...

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24 Jun Kompassion at Damansara Kim, PJ

Checked out this restaurant with Jaymee a while back, and have since fallen in love with it. Jaymee herself has been back with her colleagues and friends on multiple occasions!  That says alooooot. I love anything fusion, really. And when it happens to be Thai food, even...

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