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25 Jul Much To Say

Am a little behind with updating this space. Gave myself 5 secs to kick myself over it and dived back into the groove of compiling & editing pictures and streamlining my thoughts. I was away last week for 4 days to KRABI!!!! It was a spur...

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20 Apr Departure

An uncle passed away. Was at his wake earlier this evening, couldn't help but to imagine him and my dad playing mahjong in heaven. I sure hope they are having a gala time, kicking back and chillaxing like how they should be. I found out life...

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19 Apr Oh, Vans!

Was looking forward to this amazing pair of shoes from Vans. Bought them off via ebay but few days later the money got refunded and i was told that there was stock mix up and the seller doesn't have any in stock. Dang it! My luck...

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